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Two Works of Solo Theater

Written and Performed by Michael Takiff

Directed by Brian Lane Green

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Black Tie: A Son's Journey through the Death and Life of His Father

We know our fathers as fathers. Fathers pay the bills, they tell us to do our homework. But who are they, really?

My dad worked for the same company for 44 years. He lived, I thought, an unremarkable middle-class life. But who was he?

After he died I started asking that question and in Black Tie I find answers. 



Jew, God, and History

(Not Necessarily in That Order)

Our religions date back to the Bronze Age—before science taught us that the reality of the universe doesn’t match the story told by the Bible. Yet we still practice the religions of our ancestors. We pray. We perform rituals.

How and why do we live with our traditions in the modern age?

Jews, God, and History (Not Necessarily in That Order) is about Jews but it’s not only about Jews.


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